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Elf Louise!

Our new video for Elf Louise is up and available for viewing on YouTube, and that Elf Louise’s site now has a prominent “DONATE” button available for those of you who appreciate the video, approve of what Elf Louise has been doing here in South Texas for over 40 years, and kind of like the song Steve and I wrote. We hope you’ll recommend the video to your friends and help it go “viral.” Click above to listen. Click HERE to donate to The Elf Louise Christmas Project, and help ensure that everyone gets a Christmas they deserve.

Tim and Bob Merchandise!!!

Click HERE to purchase Tim and Bob merchandise.

To order our CD, TAKE IT OUTSIDE. Click HERE to order!

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The Tim and Bob Show is voted Best Cover Band in San Antonio by Readers of the SA Current. Read about it HERE.

"Bring along your friends
to the best place in town.
Hear the music coming up
as the sun goes down."
--- South Texas Saturday Night

Welcome to The Tim and Bob Show Homepage. Wander around the place. We hope you like what you find here.

The Tim and Bob Show is not a bar band, not a metal band, not a country band, not a dance band. We are a band you listen to while you enjoy good food, drink, and company. We're perfect for restaurants, festivals, wineries, neighborhood parties, private parties, receptions, meet-and-greets, and reunions. We play (amplified) acoustic guitars, but lots of folks do that. Our 'difference maker' is our pleasant and sometimes intricate two-part and occasionally three- and four-part harmonies. If this sounds like your kind of music, you may have found a Home Page too. Just join our email list and come out to hear us.

Central Market 4-parter #2